Aug 29

The Science of Getting Rich – Quote 35b

Here’s another quote from “The Science of Getting Rich:”

“You can create what you want, and you are above fear.” – Wallace Wattles

You are the creator of your life.  It can be terribly exciting and terribly scary too!  But as Wattles says, “You are above fear.”  That means that when you are co-creating your life with the Universe, you have the Universe on your side.  There is nothing to fear.  The universe knows exactly how to manifest your desires. This is a great Law of Attraction technique that many people are unaware of: trusting the Universe and being fearless.

In fact, it even knows which desires may not be in your best interest and doesn’t always manifest them.  That’s why sometimes your desires don’t seem to come to you. When that happens, most people give up on their dreams or complain about their rotten luck.  But the wise person knows that something better is on its way. That’s because they trust the Universe.

A popular adage is “Face your fear and do it anyway!”

That’s what successful people do.  Don’t think that the successful people you read about never had fears, doubts, or worries.  They did, but they took action anyway.  But it’s those fears, doubts, and worries that stops most people from attaining their big dreams.  They are afraid to take action.  What if they’re wrong, what if they make a mistake, what if it doesn’t turn out like they thought it would….?

You must change your mindset to believe that, as the creator of YOUR life, you have nothing to fear.  Even failure can be viewed as just a stepping stone on the road to success.  So many successful individuals went through numerous failures before they attained their hard-won success.  And if they can do it, so can you.  You just need to put more trust in the Universe and its ability to take care of you.

Go create what you want! Be fearless! Be empowered!

That’s what Empowered Spirit Coaching can do for you.  We teach you tools and techniques for handling stress and overwhelm, as well as overcoming fear, doubt, and worry.  The SpiritEmpowered Mindset and Business Training programs empower solopreneurs to create thriving 6-figure businesses.  Contact us for an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

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