Oct 24

The Science of Getting Rich – Quote 36b

Here’s another great quote from “The Science of Getting Rich:”

“The Supreme Power is at your service.” – Wallace Wattles

It is interesting that Wattles says this in his book because it is almost exactly the same as a famous verse from an ancient vedic text.  I won’t repeat the Sanskrit but the translation is: Brahman (God) is the charioteer.  This is the same as “the Supreme power is at your service.”   Another translation of the vedic text is something like: “the man who is established in union with me, I work for him.”

This is a complete turnaround from what most of us were brought up in a religious background were taught.  Normally we think that we are working for God.  But this says that God is working for us.  How can that be?  Well, it goes back to Quantum physics.  Our attention creates things.  So if we can create anything we want by our focused attention, then the Universe is working for us.  It is manifesting that we are creating.  You could also say we are co-creators with the Universe.

In “The Secret” the way it is said is “Your wish is my command.”  That’s the same idea phrased differently.  This means that you can create goals for your life, business, career, and relationships and you have a partner that will help you make those goals a reality.  How cool is that!  This is why the Laws of Attraction work.  When you create, you use a powerful energetic force that co-creates with you.

Whenever you get frustrated with your manifestations, just read this quote.  It will remind you that all your desires are being taken care of and there is no need to worry.  Just keep taking inspired action in the direction of your goals and patiently await their coming.  Because the universe is at your service!

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