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Mar 05

Narrow Your Niche to Become a Client Magnet

All entrepreneurs want to know how to attract more clients. The reason you need to narrow your niche is so you can attract the ideal clients that you can serve best AND attract more of them.

Feb 06

When You Say You Can’t Afford it

How long can you afford to wait to get some help and get out of that frustrating position of not having the money to do the things you really want to do?

Nov 07

You Become What You Think About

The biggest secret to wealth is that it starts from the inside. The first step to acquiring wealth is to cultivate healthy self-esteem.

Oct 17

Today is my book launch-get 20 gifts

Book launch today: “Money Mindset Makeover” -how it was written, why you will want to read it, how you can get 20+ special gifts on purchase.

Sep 12

The Science of Getting Rich – Quote 36a

“The mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come.” – Wallace Wattles

Aug 19

The Science of Getting Rich – Quote 35a

“By thought you attract your desire, by action, you receive it.” – Wallace Wattles

Aug 15

Lessons from David Neagle

David Neagle is a multimillion dollar coach’s coach. Having taken some of his coaching classes on money and I thought I’d pass on to you some of the things I learned.

Jun 10

The Science of Getting Rich – Quote 30a

“Give people who you meet socially the thought of increase.” Wallace Wattles

Apr 13

The Science of Getting Rich – Quote 25

Here’s a great quote from Wattle’s classic book, “The Science of Getting Rich:”

“First you believe that there is one intelligent substance from which all things proceed. Secondly, you believe this substance gives you everything you desire. And, thirdly, you relate yourself to it through a feeling of deep and profound gratitude.” -Wallace Wattles

Apr 08

The Science of Getting Rich – Quote 24b

Share Tweet Here is another great quote from the book “The Science of Getting Rich:” “If your gratitude is strong and constant, the reaction in the formless substance will be strong and continuous.” – Wallace Wattles It takes time to manifest in the relative (real world) and you can’t just give it a week or …

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