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healing the whole person through work on the person's energy field

May 14

Aligning Your Energy to Match Your Clients

Are you struggling with the fear of being pushy and feeling that marketing is not for? Here’s a tool that will help align your energy.

Apr 03

Solopreneurs Essential Success Toolkit

New coaching program is a Solopreneurs essential success toolkit for creating a thriving business. Description of first two modules.

Mar 19

Attend a Live Event to Boost Your Business Success

Discover why attending a live event can be a boost for your business by having the opportunity to surround yourself with other successful people and to be inspired and uplifted by a high-energy leader.

Jan 23

3 Essential Time Management Tools

Here’s my short list of valuable tools to help you get organized and have more efficient time management.

Nov 28

Use Energy Management to Grow Your List

Energy Management may sound like a flaky New Age philosophy but if list building were strictly about mechanics then everyone would have a rapidly growing list.

Sep 19

What are you afraid of?

Recently, a colleague asked me how I faced my fears when I started my life coaches association and I really had to stop and think about it. I asked her what kind of fears was she thinking of.

Sep 05

Setting a goal is not enough

It’s not enough to just set a goal. You must also become who you need to become in order to reach that goal.

Jun 01

Guest Post: Staying out of hot water

What Does Hot Water Have To Do With Raising My Vibration? Everything!

May 16

Energy Management-A System for Achieving Goals

There is nothing like hiring someone to help you reach your goals, instead of trying to do it yourself. Energy management can help you reach your goals more quickly.

Apr 25

Your Natural Rhythm


If you really want to learn a great time management technique, here is a valuable tool.

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