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May 14

Aligning Your Energy to Match Your Clients

Are you struggling with the fear of being pushy and feeling that marketing is not for? Here’s a tool that will help align your energy.

Apr 30

Essential Success Toolkit-Part 2

If you want to improve your life you have to make changes through inspired action. With that in mind I’d like to share with you more about my new program, “Spirit-Empow

Apr 03

Solopreneurs Essential Success Toolkit

New coaching program is a Solopreneurs essential success toolkit for creating a thriving business. Description of first two modules.

Nov 28

Use Energy Management to Grow Your List

Energy Management may sound like a flaky New Age philosophy but if list building were strictly about mechanics then everyone would have a rapidly growing list.

Oct 24

The Science of Getting Rich – Quote 36b

Here’s another great quote from “The Science of Getting Rich:” “The Supreme Power is at your service.” – Wallace Wattles

Sep 19

What are you afraid of?

Recently, a colleague asked me how I faced my fears when I started my life coaches association and I really had to stop and think about it. I asked her what kind of fears was she thinking of.

Jun 20

Are You Stuck?

The way to start living out your true self is to start connecting with your true self.

Feb 18

It’s (not) the Money

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must have a healthy relationship and thorough understanding of money. One of the Law of Attraction techniques you can begin to practice is how you interpret the meaning of money and associate it with abundance instead of lack.

Jan 13

A Simple Way to Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Share Tweet Image by emdot via Flickr Are you aware of just how damaging negative self-talk really is?  It can ruin your day and prevent you from realizing your dreams. If you aren’t earning the amount of money you want, or aren’t in the career or business you want, it could be because of the …

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Sep 30

The Better It Gets, the Better It Gets


Share Tweet One of my favorite quotes of Abraham/Hicks and their Law of Attraction lectures is “The better it gets, the better it gets.”  But what does it mean?  It has to do with the basic premise of the Law of Attraction itself.  And that is, that what you put the majority of your attention …

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